"So...what brings you to me?"

"Shields down, let’s tear that thing apart!

what the fuck is this, shepard?

"You can do this, Lara."


my religion

Clem”no sex-ed”tine


I do not know one woman, NOT ONE who hasn’t had a part of her body grabbed by a strange man at one time or another or been pressured into doing something sexual she didn’t want to do, or who has been sexually assaulted. Not one, NOT ONE woman who I have ever been friends with or related to, or close enough to share such things, there’s not one who doesn’t have a story having to do with the above instances.  So don’t you dare come at me with your “not all men are like that” bullshit.  Don’t you dare tell me it is silly for us to have an ingrained mistrust of all men because you are such a nice guy who would never do any of those things to a woman.  Don’t you dare try to trivialize the very real fear we live with every fucking day because your fucking bros don’t know how to keep their god damn hands to themselves.